go away

heedragon is what?can it eat?fuck off wonderbang!! i’m conscientious. i love gd&top. so plz heedragon go away.plz dont appeared in front of me. it’s really make me sick.

life’s a struggle

fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!how long will be fine?my face is swollen.it’s really awful.so baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.TAT

waste time

whether i am waste a lot time? i spend lot of time surf the internet,play my phone,watch drama,do online shopping.i think i am a really loser.but i dont want to be a loser,maybe i am just a loser.control my girl.if you tell this to me,i will feel much better.but who you are?and where are u?

i’m a weirdo.

i tear myself apart to several pieces.I love korean band”BIGBANG” and i love harajuku girl fashion style,i also enjoy english songs.wow,look at me.i’m so happy to enjoy a lot of things on the world.isn’t it wonderful? lol….

i hate mice!!!!!!!!!!

just few minutes ago,i saw a mice picture.oh shit! i hate mice!!!!!!!!!!forever!!!!it’s so dirty,so ugly,so fucccccking @#$%^&*() …. oh my gosh! i just couldn’t help scream out!damn it!


oh my T.O.P baby are really very handsome!cant take my eyes off u!guy!!!


i have a bad toothache!god damn it!it’s almost kill me!

bad boy

oh,my gd is a bad boy.lol


my english is so poor,so saaaaaaaaaaad![伤心](;′⌒`)  i should work hard!

can anybody tell me how to search people who i interested in?and follow they?